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OnlineHealthPills wants to ensure total customer satisfaction and therefore, we are ready to help customers who are not satisfied with their purchases. This policy contains details on how you can return the medicines purchased online from our store and get a refund. OnlineHealthPills will handle your refund or return case in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned in this return policy.

OnlineHealthPills Pills Return Policy

OnlineHealthPills stocks sleeping pills, anti-anxiety, insomnia, depression medicines and pain killers and the law does not allow us to accept returns of medicines that fulfill the standards of quality and that were correctly filled and shipped by the company against an online order place by the customer. If you want to return your medicines to get a refund because your doctor has changed your treatment plan on the basis of your medical condition or due to any other reason, please note that OnlineHealthPills cannot accept returns of medicines that have been shipped by the company. We encourage you to follow your doctor's instructions but we cannot offer you a refund for a package that has left our storage facility, therefore, it is important that you consult your doctor before placing an order. If you want to return your package because you found it damaged, or if you have any concerns or queries related to returning the medicines you purchased online, please contact our Customer Care department from our Contact Us page.

We don't accept accuse about different brands or about quality after some use. You should confirm a brand before placing order. But we can tell you only that which brand is available in stock not what you will receive. Because on each new stock our brand usually changes so it could b change when you receive the product but the quality is our guarantee. If your case is not included in this category please contact us so we can take a look and will help you in the best way.

OnlineHealthPills Pills Refund Policy

As already stated, you cannot return medicines that have left our storage facility. However, OnlineHealthPills acknowledges consumer rights but it is not possible for us to restock medications that you have already utilized unless you are seeking a refund because they were damaged or faulty or because you didn’t find them to be of appropriate quality. OnlineHealthPills has the right to reduce the amount you are entitled to receive if your request for a goods return and refund is accepted. The amount that OnlineHealthPills might reduce depends on the value of the product. Please note that your personal information will be used in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned in our Privacy Policy to process your return or refund request. If you have any queries about this process, or if you need further information, please contact our Customer Care department from our Contact Us page or email us at.

If we are not able to send your order with in 7 days due to stock or any problem then we will ba able to offer you a full refund. This is not the only case so you need to contact with our support team and they will guide you better about refund.

If you received totally different product then we will b able to send you a new parcel but we are not able to refund money in any conditions. So you are fully agree with these refund policy before any order.

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